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About Us

T.H.E Services LLC is a dynamic partner committed to empowering business excellence. With expertise in various industries including trade, technology, and international relations, we offer innovative and tailored solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success. Align with us to achieve your business goals and navigate the global landscape with confidence.

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Company Profile

Company Name T.H.E Services LLC
Company Name (JP) 合同会社T.H.E Services
Company Name (Furigana) ティーエイチイーサービシズ
Brands Welink, Westore
Established May 11, 2019
Address 2-7-20 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0061
Capital ¥4,990,000
Business Services:
  1. Events and Performances
  2. Building Management
  3. Import and Sales of Various Products
  4. Alcoholic Beverages
  5. Employment Placement Business and Counseling Services
  6. Training, Learning, Seminars, Lectures, Workshops
  7. Worker Dispatch, Recruitment, and Job Search